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My thoughts are sweet...

They taste just like candy

24 December 1990
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My name is Noelle, but you can call me C.G~

And I'm the boring twenty-something who rambles on about her life in this cyber journal. I read manga, watch anime, play video games and roleplay. Exciting no?
My journal is public, so feel free to friend me~ Just give me a sign of why you friended me so I don't spend my nights wondering who you could possibly be.
I'm purebred Irish, and I say this in my profile just for Alyssa.
I'm haunted by Christmas, from my name to my favorite colors. And a certain song that loves to follow me around stores when I go shopping during the holiday season.
Also, I fail at LJ profiles, thus the whacked out WTF color scheme, I'm used to just spamming rainbow text, but yellow is often unreadable. xD

Total dork

I'm a member of a few roleplays here on LJ and I enjoy it a lot. I cosplay, build Gundam models, and have posters plastered all over my room behind tons of other dork paraphernalia.
I'm usually a lurker in fandoms, since I have all the artistic ability of a wet rock (and that may just be an insult to wet rocks) and can only write well enough to pass off as average.
By the way, my CLAMP mood theme was made by me, as was my Saint Seiya one.
But the Innovators one was made by candypyon~!

Areas of interest perhaps?

My RP journals.
My Gaia profile.
My book of faces.
My space.
One of my favorite webcomics. <3

0080, action figures, anime, azumanga daioh, baking pretty cakes, bitch stole my ipod, bitches ain't shit, br0-raiser, braincest, brrrrrrother, bt'x, building gundams, cam clarke, card captor sakura, case closed, char bad-touching little boys, char bad-touching little girls, clamp, clover, cosplay, creative writing, david hayter, ddr, detective conan, disney movies, doujinshi, doumekixwatanuki, drawing, dropping colonies, dual! parallel trouble adventure, ebay, eriol hiiragizawa, eva's bewbs, fai, fanciful unicorns, fanfiction, figures, final fantasy, flaming flamingos, fruits basket, fry in za sky, fukken loving gadessa, full metal panic, fuma's frog hat, gaming, genderswitch!, gigantic otacock, gohou drug, gundam 00, gundam wing, gundamu, hugs, hyogaxshun, hyper rune, i love you, i trust you, i-con, imadoki, jumping onto white base, kingdom hearts, kobato, kurama, kurogane, kurogane's dead parents, lawful drug, legal drug, less than 3, listening to music, lolz, losing the game, love mode, lovingly embracing gundams, manga, metal gear solid, mobile suit gundam, mokona, music, nahrnia, naono bohra, never losing mock battles, one piece, photoshop, pokemon, prince of tennis, puppets, rainbows, reading, recessive genes, rg veda, roleplay, saint seiya, saint seiya lost canvas, setsuna hates cooties, singstar, sleep, slushies, still in a dreeeeaaaaaaaam, strawberry shake sweet, tenipuri, the chronicwhatcles of narnia, the graham special, the legend of zelda, the prom is tomorrow, tokyo babylon, tsaa, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, twelve kingdoms, utena, vampire game, vanilla, video games, waldoxcarmen sandiago, water, world domination, writing, x, x/1999, xxxholic, your mother, yu yu hakusho, zelda, ¯\(º_o)/¯ ¯\(o_º)/¯, ò_ó, ಠ_ಠ, ಥ_ಥ